A Couple of Details to Keep in Mind when Planning Edible Wedding Favors


Planning your wedding takes a lot of attention to detail and coordination of lots of people. It can be a little overwhelming to plan by yourself and a lot of things can fall through the cracks. One of the small details that people often look over is your party favors. Party favors are a really nice way to tell your guests how much you appreciate their attendance and support and they are important to have at your reception. Here are a few tips and favor ideas to help you plan the perfect favors for your special day.


First of all decide on your budget. If your wedding is going to be small it might be nice to purchase something a little nicer that your loved ones can keep as a memento. For example, if you are having a beach wedding you could get your guests some flip flops with your wedding date printed on them. For a casino themed wedding, give out personalized poker chips that your guests can use at home.


If you are a budget minded bride spend some time perusing some of the creative DIY and crafting blogs on the internet. You will find so many ideas and some of them are sure to suit your taste. A lot of them will have free tutorials that you and your bridal party can easily follow. Invite them over for a crafting party and you will knock out your decorations in a few hours while having fun.


Another great favor idea is to provide edible favors. Make large cookies in the shape of wedding dresses and tuxedos and decorate them with a frosting that dries hard. You can wrap them in individual cellophane baggies tied up with a pretty ribbon. You will probably want to go with a basic vanilla flavor as it doesn’t contain any common allergens such as peanuts and the texture will be smooth and flat so they will be easy to decorate.


An edible favor idea that doesn’t take quite as much work is to buy some of you and your fiancé’s favorite candies and put them in cute boxes or baggies. Mix them together and include a note printed on attractive paper that tells your guests whose favorites they are. You may just want to buy some candy that is on sale when you get married and not worry about it having any significance.


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