Personal stationery and the job hunt

As a job seeker, you want every last thing you do to be well planned out and help give you an edge against the competition. Of course, your skills will speak for themselves, so getting that competitive edge can oftentimes mean having an attractive, well put together resume and cover letter to ensure that the employer actually gets to the point of reading all about your skills.

with your name and contact information at the top to look like a headline is a great way to create a brand for yourself. You can use the same stationery for your resume and cover letter to ensure that your whole application is cohesive.

Websites like offer a variety of stationery options so you can find the one that will give off the vibe you are looking to create. You can have the same emblem printed on cards as what you have at the top of your resume and cover letter.  To bring your branding full circle. These cards can be used to send a follow up thank you card after an interview. The interviewer will see your emblem on the card and be reminded of your resume and cover letter.

It is little finishing touches like this that set you apart from the rest of the crowd of applicants and interviewees. They also reiterate how serious you are about the opportunity at each company for which you apply.

If you don’t feel like you have the money to put towards specialize stationery, try to turn it into a DIY project using the same themes. Pick a professional looking brand for your name. You can print this directly onto your resume and just use heavier paper. Incorporating a color into the branding will also help make this stand out.

To save a bit of money on the thank you cards, purchase generic cards that are blank and print your branding on the cover of the card, large and centered. The result will still be consistent and you will be able to achieve that personalized, professional look you desire without going further into debt as you are trying to land the job of your dreams! The effort you put in here will show and will speak to your drive and ambition in a more subtle manner than simply stating that you are a driven person. This will actually prove it to your future employer and could be the difference between you and another highly qualified candidate.

Think YOUR Applications Are Tough?

Who loves applying for jobs! Anyone? Anyone at all? Nope. No one. Applying for jobs takes time, energy, and consistently results in disappointment and diminishing self esteem—which can be extra hard when your interview requires a broad smile and easy-going manner. But before you get that far you need to publish yourself, and this can require business cards, a website, cover letters, samples… These are hard enough for someone applying to be a receptionist, but for these careers, some steps can be EXTRA difficult.

1. A graphic designer and business cards.

Graphic designers design graphics, obviously. Their whole career and profession requires them to have a GREAT eye for design, color, composition, and balance. So when they get a few square centimeters on which to sell themselves, in a business card, it’s a bit like asking a novelist to give a one-line pitch for their new book. It is hard. They need to make it look good, but not overdone, and often have to pay bigger bucks to get better printing and more colors.

2. Writers and cover letters

Writers are off to a rough start already in a field that has almost universally NEVER been profitable since scribes went out of business. When a writer does a cover letter they need to make things flow along with all the hard hitting sentence structure of a great news article, avoid the poeticism, but make themselves shine as capable individuals. And if they use a word wrong, or have a dangling modifier—they get chucked out ON THE SPOT. It’s writing, on hard mode.

3. Editors and proofreaders vs. resumes/cover letters

Like the writers, but almost worse. They don’t have to write with the same pressure, but miss a comma and it can all be over. When your job is to make text perfect, putting a resume together is a bit like a surgery with a patient ready to go a-fib any second.

4. Handycrafters and portfolios.

Etsy and eBay are a great opportunity for so many people, but it does put the pressure on in terms of photography and portfolio. Even the best designer can come off as a silly kid if they don’t get a good picture of their stuff or have a bad design. Best bet, link to a blog and keep it updated. If you are doing photobooks, try to have your designs featured online somewhere—a vendor that features top user designs if possible. The same with Christmas or scrapbooking cards, and just about everything else.

6 Photobook Deal Breakers—and Where to Avoid Them


Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. –Bob Dylan

Photo books, digital scrapbooking, digital photo albums… whatever you call them, this modern method of putting memories to ink and paper has completely changed the way that people interact with their memories in the digital age. Pictures, in super high quality, printed and set down in professional looking photo albums, on archival grade paper that will last longer than any of our lives. It’s a really cool process.  But for every really great, quality site for publishing photo books, there is one that puts together cheap, thin, inferior photobooks. Avoid these and go with a quality photo book publishing source like MiDesign@Michaels(TM), and you can be sure that you’ll never have to worry about these seven photobook deal breakers.

1. While photobooks should cost what they are worth, you should NEVER have to pay just to sign up on the service online. Avoid subscription sites so that you can feel free to play around on the interface and take a look at what the service offers before you put money on the table.

2. And for that matter, the site should ALWAYS have a creator portion. This means an interface that lets you start with blank pages or template pages and plug in your photos and captions. Avoid sites that force you to upload your entire finished photobook document. These are basically just printing presses, and they will make your process much more difficult.

3. Make sure that whatever site you use has a TON of embellishments. Even if you don’t use them for one project, you want to make sure that they will always have images, pictures, captions, borders, and effects that match whatever theme you want in the future. This means going with a site that includes THOUSANDS of available embellishments. The good news? MiDesign@Michaels(TM) has over 12,000 embellishments and counting!

4. Good photo uploading options. A good photobook printer should let you upload not just from your computer or other devices connected to your computer, but also through mobile or through online photo albums like Facebook or Flickr. Not having to re-download every picture you want can save a LOT of time.

5. Good paper is hard to find, and it is unbelievable expensive. By good, of course, I mean ‘archival grade’. Archival grade paper is noticeably thicker and sturdier, but still very smooth and almost like silk. It has none of the harsh acids used to produce regular paper, which in turn allows archival grade paper to sit for years at a time without fading, yellowing, or growing brittle.

6. Fair prices. Digital photobooks are a great time to make and they are worth an investment (especially for special occasions) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t search for the best prices you can find for the quality you should expect.



6 Reasons to invest in family stationery

Personalized family stationery can be used for a variety of purposes – more than you might think. You could have cards printed with cartoon images of your family and your last name. Or have a more elegant type of stationery printed with simply your family’s last name made to look like a family crest or emblem.

  1. Use your printed cards for thank you cards after any of your kids birthdays, after any parties you host, or just to send out notes to loved ones, perhaps with photos of the kids included
  2. Use children’s stationery or printed note pads for notes that you put in your kids lunch, notes you write to your children’s teachers, or holiday notes that you include with a card at Christmastime to update your loved ones on goings on in your children’s’ lives. You can write out notes on these or type up notes and print them on this special paper.  
  3. One page printed notecards can be mailed like postcards (put into envelopes) for a quick note that you’d like to include with a check you owe someone, or a quick thank you too.
  4. Printed notecards can also be used for quick notes amongst your family to tell one another little messages like the new garage code, or the email password. These are things you don’t want to lose and having them on special paper will be a red flag that they are important to keep.
  5. You can also give some cards or stationery to your children to encourage them to work on their manners by showing their appreciation through thank you cards. This will also urge them to focus on their printing and writing skills.
  6. Another great reason to purchase some family stationery is to exert your family pride! You can include the names of all your kids and even your dog at the top of your stationery. Anyone who receives the stationery will surely smile at the unified family you have.

The options are limitless so the next time you need to write any type of note or card, pull out your family stationery and get going! Your whole family can share the stationery to use for anything they deem appropriate as well. From letters your son writes to your daughter to thank you cards your daughter writes to her grandma for her birthday gifts, this will definitely not go to waste!

A Couple of Details to Keep in Mind when Planning Edible Wedding Favors


Planning your wedding takes a lot of attention to detail and coordination of lots of people. It can be a little overwhelming to plan by yourself and a lot of things can fall through the cracks. One of the small details that people often look over is your party favors. Party favors are a really nice way to tell your guests how much you appreciate their attendance and support and they are important to have at your reception. Here are a few tips and favor ideas to help you plan the perfect favors for your special day.


First of all decide on your budget. If your wedding is going to be small it might be nice to purchase something a little nicer that your loved ones can keep as a memento. For example, if you are having a beach wedding you could get your guests some flip flops with your wedding date printed on them. For a casino themed wedding, give out personalized poker chips that your guests can use at home.


If you are a budget minded bride spend some time perusing some of the creative DIY and crafting blogs on the internet. You will find so many ideas and some of them are sure to suit your taste. A lot of them will have free tutorials that you and your bridal party can easily follow. Invite them over for a crafting party and you will knock out your decorations in a few hours while having fun.


Another great favor idea is to provide edible favors. Make large cookies in the shape of wedding dresses and tuxedos and decorate them with a frosting that dries hard. You can wrap them in individual cellophane baggies tied up with a pretty ribbon. You will probably want to go with a basic vanilla flavor as it doesn’t contain any common allergens such as peanuts and the texture will be smooth and flat so they will be easy to decorate.


An edible favor idea that doesn’t take quite as much work is to buy some of you and your fiancé’s favorite candies and put them in cute boxes or baggies. Mix them together and include a note printed on attractive paper that tells your guests whose favorites they are. You may just want to buy some candy that is on sale when you get married and not worry about it having any significance.