Personal stationery and the job hunt

As a job seeker, you want every last thing you do to be well planned out and help give you an edge against the competition. Of course, your skills will speak for themselves, so getting that competitive edge can oftentimes mean having an attractive, well put together resume and cover letter to ensure that the employer actually gets to the point of reading all about your skills.

with your name and contact information at the top to look like a headline is a great way to create a brand for yourself. You can use the same stationery for your resume and cover letter to ensure that your whole application is cohesive.

Websites like offer a variety of stationery options so you can find the one that will give off the vibe you are looking to create. You can have the same emblem printed on cards as what you have at the top of your resume and cover letter.  To bring your branding full circle. These cards can be used to send a follow up thank you card after an interview. The interviewer will see your emblem on the card and be reminded of your resume and cover letter.

It is little finishing touches like this that set you apart from the rest of the crowd of applicants and interviewees. They also reiterate how serious you are about the opportunity at each company for which you apply.

If you don’t feel like you have the money to put towards specialize stationery, try to turn it into a DIY project using the same themes. Pick a professional looking brand for your name. You can print this directly onto your resume and just use heavier paper. Incorporating a color into the branding will also help make this stand out.

To save a bit of money on the thank you cards, purchase generic cards that are blank and print your branding on the cover of the card, large and centered. The result will still be consistent and you will be able to achieve that personalized, professional look you desire without going further into debt as you are trying to land the job of your dreams! The effort you put in here will show and will speak to your drive and ambition in a more subtle manner than simply stating that you are a driven person. This will actually prove it to your future employer and could be the difference between you and another highly qualified candidate.

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