Scrapbooking with old Christmas cards

Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to go all out; purchasing all of the new gadgets and having a collection of ink pens with every color in the rainbow, as well as all of the ones in between. However, while it’s nice to be up on all of the most recent scrapbooking trends, there are many ways to indulge in your hobby while still saving money for more important things – like bills. One way to do so is to use old photo holiday cards for scrapbooking paper, rather than purchasing a book of paper. Here are a few clever ways to put some old cards to good use.

-Many colorful holiday cards have decorative covers that contain a variety of objects and picturesque scenes. Get out a pair of scissors and start cutting these out. It’s best to clip out only those items that are shown in their entirety and that aren’t altered to appear faded or fuzzy. Once you have a collection, use them in place of stickers, attaching them to your pages with flat tape, or raised adhesive pieces.

-Use many of your larger cards as frames to put around pictures or add some decoration to the corners of your sheets. You can disguise many Christmas cards this way, as only a fraction of the actual picture is being used.

-Use stencils to cut out letters from old cards and keep them for later uses. This is also another good way to disguise Christmas cards and use them for your scrapbooking all year round.

-Save your favorite handwritten letters by including them in your scrapbook albums. Attach the top corners of the letter on your page and spread the paper out so it can be read in its entirety. Remember not to paste the entire sheet down in case there is additional writing on the other side of the letter. If you still have the envelope, consider leaving the letter inside and pasting the envelope to your page.

-Many of the holiday cards you have received over the year

Scrapbooking Projects to Work On Drawer

Scrapbooking Projects to Work On Drawer (Photo credit: Shopping Diva)

s have a holiday quote or greeting inside them. While this page is often discarded, a great way to use it is to cut out the printed text with styled scissors and arrange it on your scrapbook page.

-Find instructions for how to make paper flowers and, using pieces from many different cards, make a few small bouquets to use for homemade cards and albums.

6 Memory Projects Perfect For The Digital Age

6: Digital Canvas Printing

I’ve seen more and more these popping on friends walls these days as they provide a great alternative to normal photo portraits. By using a special printing system your chosen service can take a digital photo and apply it to canvas, the material used in oil paintings and portraits. This results in a portrait of your chosen size in great quality, but with the same texture and vibrancy of a classic painting.

5: Digital Photo Collage

Regular photo collages are a lot of fun, but like all photo projects done by hand you need to print a fair number of pictures first, to make them work, and they can get messy. Instead try taking a regular presentation program, or else a photo editor, and set the size of the canvas for the size of your project. You can then start plugging your edited pictures in, add the effects and fonts you want, and have it printed through your local office supply store to grace whatever wall or door you want to make your own!

4: Online Annotated Scrapbook

Think of it as a presentation, but instead of quarterly earnings or the history of the Crimean War, you are including your own life, love, and memories for your family and friends to enjoy. These online scrapbooks are great places to design and store your wedding slideshow and other big personal moments, so that people who are far away can still look in. There are plenty of places online to host these scrapbooks for free, and you can include your own title slides and captions as well.

3: Photobook

Photobooks are just like traditional scrapbooks, except that you design and perfect them online through a program before having them printed off and mailed to you. The advantage, of course, is that it feels like a real book. The pages are thick and glossy, the printing is uniform, and there are no plastic sheets to deal with.

2: Digitally Designed Wall Calendars

So where do you look at pictures every day besides frames and photobooks? You look at them in calendars. Why settle for a stock calendar when you can go online and have your own scrapbooking calendars printed, complete with all your best memories from the last year? They can also be great for offices and organizations, and can help get employees psyched for big upcoming annual events.

1: Digital Picture Frame Album

There are options here, and they have more to do with hardware. You can set up a computer monitor with a picture frame or get a dedicated digital picture frame, and with it and a memory card have and endless, slow-changing slideshow of your best memories. It’s like 1000 pictures in one!