6 Reasons to invest in family stationery

Personalized family stationery can be used for a variety of purposes – more than you might think. You could have cards printed with cartoon images of your family and your last name. Or have a more elegant type of stationery printed with simply your family’s last name made to look like a family crest or emblem.

  1. Use your printed cards for thank you cards after any of your kids birthdays, after any parties you host, or just to send out notes to loved ones, perhaps with photos of the kids included
  2. Use children’s stationery or printed note pads for notes that you put in your kids lunch, notes you write to your children’s teachers, or holiday notes that you include with a card at Christmastime to update your loved ones on goings on in your children’s’ lives. You can write out notes on these or type up notes and print them on this special paper.  
  3. One page printed notecards can be mailed like postcards (put into envelopes) for a quick note that you’d like to include with a check you owe someone, or a quick thank you too.
  4. Printed notecards can also be used for quick notes amongst your family to tell one another little messages like the new garage code, or the email password. These are things you don’t want to lose and having them on special paper will be a red flag that they are important to keep.
  5. You can also give some cards or stationery to your children to encourage them to work on their manners by showing their appreciation through thank you cards. This will also urge them to focus on their printing and writing skills.
  6. Another great reason to purchase some family stationery is to exert your family pride! You can include the names of all your kids and even your dog at the top of your stationery. Anyone who receives the stationery will surely smile at the unified family you have.

The options are limitless so the next time you need to write any type of note or card, pull out your family stationery and get going! Your whole family can share the stationery to use for anything they deem appropriate as well. From letters your son writes to your daughter to thank you cards your daughter writes to her grandma for her birthday gifts, this will definitely not go to waste!