What are some possible religious and nonreligious wordings for Easter Cards?

Easter is largely a Christian religious holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As you consider wordings for your cards you could allude to this celebration with encouraging words such as, “He is Risen!” or “Wishing You A Blessed Easter.” Any spiritual or uplifting verse from the Bible or from a popular hymn would be appropriate for a religious Easter greeting card.


Common designs on religious Easter cards would be images of crosses or lambs. Feel free to use images of a non-religious nature even if the wording on your cards has references to religion or scripture verses. Beautiful landscapes and images of nature blooming and changing from winter to spring would be attractive and perfectly acceptable. 


For the non religious person, you may want to skip the word Easter all together as it marks a religious event, unless you are using it talk about the Easter bunny or Easter eggs. Consider sending cards with spring greetings or quotes concerning the beauty and joy of the blooming season such as “Spring is in the Air!” or “May Your Spring be Filled with Joy!”


For the décor on these cards concentrate on the season more than the religious celebration. Cute pictures of bunnies and chicks or pretty eggs are always charming. Make it even simpler by using pastel or bright colored papers to make the cards out of. These won’t require much additional decoration.


If you don’t want to come up with your own wordings or sayings for your spring or Easter cards, you can find tons of pre-made greeting cards for the season. Go online or to stores that sell greeting cards and you will definitely be able to find something appropriate. If you need several your best bet is to go online and purchase them in bulk. They are much less expensive this way also.


 If you would still like to try and make them yourself but are stuck on the wording or design, go to your local craft store and look for stamps or stickers appropriate for your cards. You may be able to find stamps with a cute spring or Easter quote on them. This may be a good investment because you will be able to use the stamp year after year.


For more ideas on wording, peruse the internet for sayings, hymn lyrics, quotes, and verses that you would like for your greeting cards. You can even go look at pre-made seasonal cards for ideas to jump start your creative process